How Effective Is Our Catholic School Website Designs?

How Effective Is Our Catholic School Website Designs?

Designing a website for Catholic Schools is not a child’s play, given the endless things you require to manage through a single website. In addition, considering the challenging task the school has to face for acquiring quality staff and students while competing against the array of choices available in the community, you need a really strong school website.

The school’s website is most often the first thing that impresses parents and gives them an idea about what you can offer to their children. A creative and effective Catholic School website is in fact the best way to capitalize on the strength of a school. However, not everyone can create a Catholic School Website that is effective, up-to-date, easy to use and professional.

Miller Media is a leading designer of unique and professional Catholic School Websites and has a strong portfolio of web designs, created specifically considering the needs of Catholic Schools. With its skilled and professional team of designers having extensive experience with Catholic education and website design, the Catholic School Websites designed by Miller Media serve as the single point of contact between parents and schools.

Few of the Highlighting features of our Catholic School Websites include:

Online Event Registration & Payment

Online Event Registration & Payment

Event Registration & Payment For Schools

Events are a part and parcel of the functioning of Catholic Schools. These may include picnics, religious education events, get-togethers and events requiring parents to join in. While it can be a tedious task to manage and get people to register for all such events manually, Miller Media makes it possible by making an Online Event Registration & Payment facility available on school websites. This way, all that a person interested in joining any of these school events needs to do, is to register online for the particular event and complete the payment (via credit card or cash) procedure. Also available for easy download is an organized online schedule or timetable of the particular event.

Online Student Registration

In order to make it easier for Catholic Schools to manage the large number of students who wish to register into their esteemed schools, Miller Media creates easy-to-use Online Student Registration forms. So, if a parent wishes to enrol his/her ward into a Catholic School, they can do so within minutes by simply filling in the online registration form.

Online Donation or Make A Gift Facility

For all those who wish to make a financial contribution or gift an amount to these Catholic Schools, Miller Media makes available an easy online donation form. Donators can also choose the field (technology, arts, science, etc.) for which they wish to extend their financial support.

Make A Gift Online

Online Donation & Make A Gift Form

Alternately, Miller Media through its advanced Catholic School Websites also provides donators the facility to donate school items like desks, chairs, projectors and much more with just the click of a button. All they need to do to make a quick donation is to select the item they wish to donate and the quantity.


Alert Messages

There are times when schools need to let their students or their parents know about a notice that needs urgent attention. It often becomes a challenge for schools to do this manually at the last minute. However, with Miller Media’s easy Alert Message facility, schools can easily notify everyone about urgent matters like school holiday or school meetings, by simply displaying an alert message right on their home page with a blinking button that is sure to catch the user’s attention.

In short, the Catholic School Websites by Miller Media are designed in a unique way that can help them shine and rise without burdening their already busy staff.

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