10 Effective Homepage Factors for Successful Marketing

10 Effective Homepage Factors for Successful Marketing

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Designing The Homepage

First impression is The Last Impression

The rule holds true even when designing a website. The homepage of a website is not just a platform for your landing customers but it also serves as a mirror for your website. Whenever a visitor lands on your website, there is maximum possibility for them to browse your homepage first.

Being the face of your website and in turn your company, you need to ensure that you have a homepage that can instantly catch the attention of visitors and compel them to dig through the inner pages. To help you with this, here are 10 effective factors that you can use for ensuring successful marketing of your website:

#1 Catchy Headlines

A great headline is one that can catch the attention of your visitors and convey your desired message instantly. Thus, it is important that your headline should necessarily be powerful yet to the point. Since it is not possible to give a gist of your website in one single headline, it is advisable to make use of sub-headlines to give more details about the services and products you offer.

#2 Effortless Navigation

Regardless of whether it is a first time visitor or a regular follower, every visitor expects to have an easy navigation. Thus, in order to make it easy for visitors to navigate across the various pages of your website, it is important to incorporate in your website text-based navigation menus and sufficient content for accommodating links to various pages.

#3 Call To Action

In order to make your visitor feel valued and appreciated, it is essential to include call to action on every page of your website, most importantly on your homepage.

#4 Quality Images

The best way to create interest and catch the attention of your visitors is to incorporate quality images on your website. Images are also a great way of building credibility for your site, allowing people to blindly trust you for desired products and services. A unique image can at times act as a reminder of your website for people.

#5 Social Media Share

Most leading companies today have embraced social media marketing as the most effective ways of online marketing. Considering the fact that most visitors today are engaged in some or the other form of social media platform, it is best to encourage your visitors to interact with you through social media channels. Be sure to place links to your social media platforms on prime locations on your homepage.

#6 Contact Us Information

The prime reason you need to create a website for your business is to help you reach out to people and generate leads. Thus, it is essential to strategically place your contact us information including phone number, email address and business address making it easy for people to reach you.

#7 Engaging Videos

Though the best way to catch the attention of your visitors is to incorporate quality images, yet another interesting way is to include engaging videos. A short and simple video that briefly explains the working of your website can be a great marketing asset for your website.

#8 Testimonials

For many people, the reviews of other people really matter when buying a product. In order to serve all such customers, it is important to feature client reviews and testimonials on your website. These testimonials also serve as trust factors for your customers, especially for the new customers.

#9 Add Blog

While your website acts as the face of your company and is great for wooing your customers to buy your services and products, the real content king is the blog. Thus, if you wish to provide more detailed information about your business, then adding a blog is the best way to do it.

#10 List Awards

Everyone likes to get associated with winning brands and companies because of the trust factor and recognition they carry along. Thus, regardless of how trivial an award you may have earned, it becomes imperative for you to feature all such received awards on your website.

Given the fact that it’s just a matter of few seconds before your visitor can go through your website and decide upon utilizing your services and products, it is essential to include all of these 10 important factors on your website. This will not just keep your website moving ahead on the rankings but will also keep your visitors right where you want them – on your website!!!

Best Marketing Strategies For Ecommerce Websites

6 Best Marketing Strategies For Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

Strategies For Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce marketing is not as hard as it may seem to most. With the ecommerce world evolving each passing day, the techniques of ecommerce marketing have also evolved and are getting better each day.

Here are some effective Ecommerce Marketing Strategies that are bound to bear results:

Optimize On-Site SEO

When making efforts to market your ecommerce website, you first need to ensure that you are trying to rank for the right terms. For this, it is extremely important that you do a thorough keyword research to get a clear understanding of the terms or search query that people are using to search for your services or products. Next you need to optimize your on-page content and internal links to match these top searched terms. Such keyword research and on-page optimization can yield long-term results and boost your site’s organic traffic as well as authority.

Develop Articles for Various Sites

This technique involves approaching individual sites and offering them with a unique article on some topic that you specialize in. You can choose to opt for sites that have a significant PageRank link juice so that you can benefit by adding a couple of your own site’s link in your submitted article. This way the site can get unique content to impress its visitors and you can earn some good amount of traffic.

Offer Products For Review

When you offer your products for review, you pave the way for some information-rich content with enough natural backlinks to be created for your products. Though a costly marketing strategy, you can easily earn long-term benefits on your SEO and sales if your products get reviewed positively.

Guest Post On Blogs

It’s a fact that bloggers are most often looking for high quality and original content. This particular marketing strategy involves convincing the blogger that you have a valuable piece of content to contribute to his/her blog.

Ask Manufacturer For Links

Several manufacturer websites have a “Retailers” or “Where To Buy” section and all you need to do is to request the manufacturer to get you listed in this section. In order to ensure that the manufacturer gets convinced to list you, it’s better to first have a few testimonials on your site to develop authority and gain confidence of the manufacturer.

Generate Email Marketing List

It’s always easier and better to convince your existing customers to buy your products and services than convince new prospects to buy. Thus, if you can generate a reliable list of buyer addresses, you can expect to boost your sales simply with the push of a button.

Smart Tricks for Improving Small Business Websites

7 Smart Tricks for Improving Small Business Websites

Small Business Website

Improving Small Business Website

With your small business evolving and growing each single day, it is essential that your web presence also continues to become stronger. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your website needs a face-lift every now and then. All you need to do is to keep making small improvements to your website that will keep your site looking fresh and also create a scope for stronger branding.

Here are few smart ways that can give an instant face-lift to your small business:

Tone Your Website

A necessity for most small businesses is to have a website that can help them stand apart from their bigger competitors. However, this doesn’t mean that you design a website that is packed with decorative items, hues of colours or flashy animations and buttons.

What you instead need is a much toned down website that allows your visitors to focus on the prime factors of your site – Brand, Content and Products/Services. A simple and elegant looking website with enough white spaces, readable content and a colour scheme matching the logo can do the magic for you!!

Offer Easy & Enjoyable Navigation

Easy navigation is a paramount for the success of any business website. If your visitors cannot navigate their way to the specific information they are looking for on your website, it could be a major issue for you. The best thing to do at such times is to have at least five important top-level pages on your website like Contact, About Us, Blog, etc. that offer a reflection of the content included in your inner pages.

Include Sellable Headings

Nothing can catch the attention of your visitors better and faster than an interesting heading. In fact, the few seconds that the visitor spends scanning the headings of your website is the best time you can use to convert him into a customer or repeat visitor.

Including smart headings on your website can remarkably improve the readability of your content and also make it easy for visitors to look for specific information. In addition, including your important keywords in the headings will automatically make your site searchable on search engines while saving your small business enough money on SEO services.

Include Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the first thing your users see when the website gets ranked on search engines. Thus, it becomes imperative that you have a unique meta description with your important keywords for every page of your website.

Initiate Call To Action

For this, you need to identify sections in your website that can benefit from a call-to-action like download PDF, join newsletter, register to a committee, etc. It is extremely important that you align your call-to-action element with your other marketing elements and goals.

Incorporate Right Visuals

Visuals get processed way faster than texts and thus it is extremely important that you choose your visuals right. Crisp & crystal, high-quality, professional looking images can do wonders for your site and can better reach out to your target audience.

Include Testimonials

A good way to improve the trust and credibility of a small business is to include testimonials from existing clients, either on the home page or on different pages of your website.

In short, you do not necessarily need to spend thousands of dollars for improving the look, feel, reach or credibility of your website. Just a few simple and smart tricks can do this all for you and take your website to the top of SERP.

Tips And Tricks For Optimizing Single Page Websites

6 Tips And Tricks For Optimizing Single Page Websites

one page optimization

Optimization For Single Page Websites

There has been a significant increase in the number of people opting for single page websites rather than the traditional multi-page architecture. The only major concern associated with such single page websites is that “Can They Be Optimized?”

The answer undoubtedly is YES!!

With the constantly evolving intelligence & changing algorithms of search engine giants like Google, a plethora of single page websites have come into existence & in fact found their way to the top of SERP.

In case you are looking to optimize just such a single-page website, then here are few useful tips and tricks that you may consider following:


Given the fact that the multi-paginated structure is a favourite for most web crawlers or Googlebots, it often seems like a tedious task to restructure single page websites. However, it’s easier than it seems to organize a single page website that doesn’t allow visitors to leave the site.

The trick lies in creating significant and clear sections on this single page website, with each section serving a specific purpose. Each of these sections may then be defined using a suitable keyword and optimized keeping the requirements of that particular section in mind.

Anchor Link Optimization

Since a major problem faced with single page websites is that there are no separate URLs to optimize, the only links left for you to be optimized are the anchor links. Anchor links allow you to jump to the specified section of the same page. Thus, the best way to optimize these sections is to first optimize the anchor links that track back to them.

Use H1 Tags

The tradition with most multi-page websites is to use one H1 tag for the most important section of the page and use H2 and H3 tags for specifying other descriptions. However, when dealing with a single page website, its best to use one optimized H1 tag on each separate section of the page and the crawler will automatically identify the distinctness between each section of the page.

Link Building

Link building is not a dead thing as many would consider. Indeed, it’s still the most effective way of earning authority backlinks that in turn can increase your site’s authority on Google. Just in case you are wondering about how to earn backlinks for a single page website, then the answer again are the Anchor Links.

Content Relevancy

A major concern faced by most single-page website owners is “How Would Google Index their Content-Packed Website?” Well, with the introduction of Hummingbird algorithm by Google, you can have all such worries at bay. The search results today match not the keyword but also show results closely matching the entire search query. Thus, there are all the chances that your content-packed single-page website may find a position at the top of SERP.

Content Quality & Freshness

Of all the optimization factors to be considered for single-page websites, the most important factor is content freshness. Since there is scope for just one page to be optimized, it’s extremely important that you optimize it as per the content quality guidelines by Google. Therefore, try to keep the content of your single page website fresh and optimized for both users and bots to find it easily.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Invest In SEO Services

5 Reasons Why You Need to Invest In SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Services Worth Investing

While there are many companies out there for whom SEO is a dead thing, it’s imperative to know that SEO is STILL alive and thus, investing in SEO services is worth every single penny.

However, before you can decide to invest in SEO services, you need to be sure of the ultimate goals you wish to achieve through these services.

Check out the following 5 Reasons to known exactly why investing in SEO services is a MUST for every company to achieve their online goals!!

SEO Is Here To Stay!

There is no denying the fact that SEO works and will continue to affect the traffic of websites for a long time to come. Regardless of the continuous algorithmic changes and updates, SEO is capable of working its way around all kinds of updates. In fact, it’s not just the usual text-based content that depends on SEO, but even video and audio content searches depend largely on keywords that form a major part of SEO. Thus, you can be sure of the continued success of SEO and its tools in the foreseeable future.

Search Engines Grab The Biggest Market Share

More than 80-90% of the customers today prefer to check for online reviews and feedbacks before deciding to make a purchase. In fact, the number of such customers is only expected to rise in the near future and it’s hardly a matter of time before everyone would be searching online for their products and services before making an investment. Investing in SEO services can guarantee that your customers find your website easier & quicker than your competitors.

SEO Services Are Cost Effective

As compared to other major forms of online marketing like email marketing or PPC advertising, SEO services are not just cost-effective but are also capable of earning good ROI. In fact, SEO forms the bedrock of all forms of marketing campaigns that you run online.

SEO Techniques For Mobile Users

The dramatic explosion in the number of mobile users as compared to the number of desktop users has paved the way for a long list of effective SEO techniques that companies can use for achieving quick & local search optimization.

SEO Is Evolving & Growing

SEO has been and will continue to be one of the most important tools for online marketing. It is constantly evolving and growing meaning that you lose if you don’t continue to grow with it since your competitors surely would be moving forward and improving.

Thus, given the endless benefits that SEO services can bring along for a company, it is imperative to make an investment, to ensure that your website continuous to grow, appears high on search results and ultimately earns you a commendable return on investment!!!