Colours Can Do The Magic – Choose The Right Colours For Your Brand

Why You Need to Choose The Right Colors For Your Brand?

How To Select Brand Colours

Choosing Right Colours For Your Brand

It has been found that colours can significantly influence human emotions as well as their ability to associate with a particular thing. In fact, studies indicate that the buying decision of a customer towards an unfamiliar or new product is largely influenced by the brand’s colour. It’s not always important that few colours that attract us towards one thing would appeal us towards other things also. In short, the combination of colours that you choose for your brand and brand image can either make you or break you!

Regardless of whether you are choosing colours for your brand’s letterhead, logo or banner, you need to pick colours that can do the magic for you. At Miller Media, we greatly acknowledge and value this need and thus, our team of designers are skilled at choosing colour combinations that your audience is bound to love.

Most popular brands, especially ecommerce brands like eBay have been observed to choose a combination of colours. The only reason being that, such ecommerce portals require to cater to a variety of audiences, differing in age, sex, spending power, emotions and other such criteria. In order to ensure that the brand can pull in significant number of customers from all these sections, a multi-colour scheme looks like the best option.

Ever wondered why Red and White colour combination reminds you of the brand Coca-Cola or why every Yellow colour is a quick reminder of the famous McDonalds brand?

Many famous brands across the world attribute the proportion of their success to the colour scheme of their brand. The designers at Miller Media tend to associate colours with the best purpose they can serve and how closely they resemble the brand’s requirement.

For instance, Green colour is most commonly associated with nature and thus, brands that aim at promoting natural and organic products or ecological services can make significant use of the green colour. The green colour also goes well for health and wellness brands or for brands promoting therapeutic/medical products.

Black colour on the other hand signifies class and luxury. Thus, black is a commonly used colour for consultation and legal businesses. Given the sense of power and class that black colour portrays, it is also a good choice for sleek sexy things like shoes and clothing.

Thus, regardless of how powerful your marketing slogan is or how cool is your brand logo, if paired with the wrong combination of colours, your brand runs the risk of getting less or not noticed at all.

Remember that at the end of the day what really matters is the colours of your brand, logo, website and other marketing factors. The colour scheme of these brand identifiers is what will pull people to you and be a constant reminder of your brand for them!!!

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