Creating Unique Web Designs for Catholic Schools

Creating Unique Web Designs for Catholic Schools

Catholic School Websites

Web Design For Catholic Schools

As one of the leading providers of creative websites for catholic primary schools, we have for long been the single point of contact for designing best catholic school websites. Through decades of experience and an extensive knowledge of the catholic education sector, we have succeeded in designing and developing unique websites for hundreds of catholic schools across the world.

What makes our unique designing skills especially effective for primary school websites are:

Designing Excellence

Our websites are tailored to the exclusive needs of our customers. Unlike other service providers who depend only on templates, our skilled designers make it a point to create fantastic layouts, graphics and images tailored to the specific requirements of customers. Through a powerful combination of colours, simple yet effective layout and a well-organized website structure, we make sure that our school websites become an instant hit, instigating parents to admit their wards to these schools. It is for this reason that our customers can blindly rely on us for the best catholic school websites.

Easy To Update Web Designs

There is no point in having a great looking school website unless it can be updated easily and quickly. There are hundreds of things that schools require to update every now and then to keep students and parents well informed. Considering this, we make it a point to design school websites that can easily be updated even by a person with not much computer expertise.

Extensive Knowledge With Schools

It is our extensive knowledge and understanding of catholic education requirements that has helped us create customized web designs for catholic schools. Our passion for providing schools with best and customized solutions is what has helped us work in sync with catholic schools and academics for years.

Unmatched Customer Service

We believe that the most important thing that makes us a trusted service provider with most schools is our unrivalled customer service. Right from the initial enquiry to the on-going design and development to the final submission of website, we accompany our customers at every step. We take care to keep our customers informed and updated at every step of the creation of their website, while constantly inviting advices and feedbacks at every step of the development process.

Best Marketing Strategies For Ecommerce Websites

6 Best Marketing Strategies For Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

Strategies For Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce marketing is not as hard as it may seem to most. With the ecommerce world evolving each passing day, the techniques of ecommerce marketing have also evolved and are getting better each day.

Here are some effective Ecommerce Marketing Strategies that are bound to bear results:

Optimize On-Site SEO

When making efforts to market your ecommerce website, you first need to ensure that you are trying to rank for the right terms. For this, it is extremely important that you do a thorough keyword research to get a clear understanding of the terms or search query that people are using to search for your services or products. Next you need to optimize your on-page content and internal links to match these top searched terms. Such keyword research and on-page optimization can yield long-term results and boost your site’s organic traffic as well as authority.

Develop Articles for Various Sites

This technique involves approaching individual sites and offering them with a unique article on some topic that you specialize in. You can choose to opt for sites that have a significant PageRank link juice so that you can benefit by adding a couple of your own site’s link in your submitted article. This way the site can get unique content to impress its visitors and you can earn some good amount of traffic.

Offer Products For Review

When you offer your products for review, you pave the way for some information-rich content with enough natural backlinks to be created for your products. Though a costly marketing strategy, you can easily earn long-term benefits on your SEO and sales if your products get reviewed positively.

Guest Post On Blogs

It’s a fact that bloggers are most often looking for high quality and original content. This particular marketing strategy involves convincing the blogger that you have a valuable piece of content to contribute to his/her blog.

Ask Manufacturer For Links

Several manufacturer websites have a “Retailers” or “Where To Buy” section and all you need to do is to request the manufacturer to get you listed in this section. In order to ensure that the manufacturer gets convinced to list you, it’s better to first have a few testimonials on your site to develop authority and gain confidence of the manufacturer.

Generate Email Marketing List

It’s always easier and better to convince your existing customers to buy your products and services than convince new prospects to buy. Thus, if you can generate a reliable list of buyer addresses, you can expect to boost your sales simply with the push of a button.

How To Fix Common Graphic Design Mistakes?

How To Fix Common Graphic Design Mistakes?

Graphic Design Mistakes To Avoid

Common Graphic Design Mistakes To Avoid

Given the ever increasing competition in the field of Graphic Designing, it can be quite a challenge to get ahead of others. Often, graphic designers in an attempt to offer clients with quick and quality work, end up committing amateur mistakes.

Most graphic designing mistakes occur in client relations when the understanding between the two is either low or simply missing. Just as it is important for a graphic designer to best reproduce the vision of client and their company into recognizable identity; it is equally important for the clients to understand the kind of work & efforts that go behind graphic designing.

Here are three common mistakes that graphic designers tend to commit in client relation and that can easily be avoided with some efforts:

#1 Closed Communication

This is one of the most common mistakes that a graphic designer makes especially someone new to the field. Often designers try to avoid clients who wish to be walked through each and every phase of designing. This kind of closed communication can be a major issue in client relations.

Solution: Ensuring transparent communication with your clients is the best solution to this. Set reasonable expectations for your work and make it easy for your clients to reach you at any time. In the absence of communication from client’s end, it is also a good idea to yourself communicate the progress of work to the client at every step. Such open communication can save you from the issues and delays that may otherwise result from miscommunication.

#2 Missing Designing Briefs

Every client when approaching a graphic designer for work is enthusiastic and excited to see their brand or product materializing over the net. The client at such times is full of ideas and expectations and without precise design briefs, the designer may often end up grasping only half of the ideas and expectations. The result is that, you end up wasting your precious time on a design that no one appreciates.

Solution: The best way to ensure that you do not waste your time or your efforts is to begin your work only when you have a design brief to start with. Remember that it’s not just the array of ideas that the client comes up with that you need to incorporate in your design, but it’s also the client guidelines that you need to take into account while designing a product or brand. This will also give you a chance to approach clients with loopholes in design briefs for additional briefs that will help you meet client’s designing needs.

#3 Reasonable Expectations

Deadlines are an important factor for most clients and not being able to meet them can be frustrating for the client. A graphic designer in an attempt to meet the deadline at such times often ends up committing easily avoidable mistakes. This can not only be embarrassing for the designer but can also hamper client relation permanently.

Solution: It is extremely important that you never overestimate your abilities and set only attainable deadlines. This is especially a must for those without an experience of working under stringent deadlines. Try to agree on an emergency margin to have a buffer time just in case you need to adjust some other unforeseen event.

Thus, regardless of whether you are a newbie or a seasoned graphic designer, professionalism calls for client’s respect. Do not downplay your doubts regarding the project and keep the lines of communication open at all times. Remember that it’s always better to humbly turn down a client than end up delivering the wrong design!!

Smart Tricks for Improving Small Business Websites

7 Smart Tricks for Improving Small Business Websites

Small Business Website

Improving Small Business Website

With your small business evolving and growing each single day, it is essential that your web presence also continues to become stronger. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your website needs a face-lift every now and then. All you need to do is to keep making small improvements to your website that will keep your site looking fresh and also create a scope for stronger branding.

Here are few smart ways that can give an instant face-lift to your small business:

Tone Your Website

A necessity for most small businesses is to have a website that can help them stand apart from their bigger competitors. However, this doesn’t mean that you design a website that is packed with decorative items, hues of colours or flashy animations and buttons.

What you instead need is a much toned down website that allows your visitors to focus on the prime factors of your site – Brand, Content and Products/Services. A simple and elegant looking website with enough white spaces, readable content and a colour scheme matching the logo can do the magic for you!!

Offer Easy & Enjoyable Navigation

Easy navigation is a paramount for the success of any business website. If your visitors cannot navigate their way to the specific information they are looking for on your website, it could be a major issue for you. The best thing to do at such times is to have at least five important top-level pages on your website like Contact, About Us, Blog, etc. that offer a reflection of the content included in your inner pages.

Include Sellable Headings

Nothing can catch the attention of your visitors better and faster than an interesting heading. In fact, the few seconds that the visitor spends scanning the headings of your website is the best time you can use to convert him into a customer or repeat visitor.

Including smart headings on your website can remarkably improve the readability of your content and also make it easy for visitors to look for specific information. In addition, including your important keywords in the headings will automatically make your site searchable on search engines while saving your small business enough money on SEO services.

Include Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the first thing your users see when the website gets ranked on search engines. Thus, it becomes imperative that you have a unique meta description with your important keywords for every page of your website.

Initiate Call To Action

For this, you need to identify sections in your website that can benefit from a call-to-action like download PDF, join newsletter, register to a committee, etc. It is extremely important that you align your call-to-action element with your other marketing elements and goals.

Incorporate Right Visuals

Visuals get processed way faster than texts and thus it is extremely important that you choose your visuals right. Crisp & crystal, high-quality, professional looking images can do wonders for your site and can better reach out to your target audience.

Include Testimonials

A good way to improve the trust and credibility of a small business is to include testimonials from existing clients, either on the home page or on different pages of your website.

In short, you do not necessarily need to spend thousands of dollars for improving the look, feel, reach or credibility of your website. Just a few simple and smart tricks can do this all for you and take your website to the top of SERP.