Smart Tricks for Improving Small Business Websites

7 Smart Tricks for Improving Small Business Websites

Small Business Website

Improving Small Business Website

With your small business evolving and growing each single day, it is essential that your web presence also continues to become stronger. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your website needs a face-lift every now and then. All you need to do is to keep making small improvements to your website that will keep your site looking fresh and also create a scope for stronger branding.

Here are few smart ways that can give an instant face-lift to your small business:

Tone Your Website

A necessity for most small businesses is to have a website that can help them stand apart from their bigger competitors. However, this doesn’t mean that you design a website that is packed with decorative items, hues of colours or flashy animations and buttons.

What you instead need is a much toned down website that allows your visitors to focus on the prime factors of your site – Brand, Content and Products/Services. A simple and elegant looking website with enough white spaces, readable content and a colour scheme matching the logo can do the magic for you!!

Offer Easy & Enjoyable Navigation

Easy navigation is a paramount for the success of any business website. If your visitors cannot navigate their way to the specific information they are looking for on your website, it could be a major issue for you. The best thing to do at such times is to have at least five important top-level pages on your website like Contact, About Us, Blog, etc. that offer a reflection of the content included in your inner pages.

Include Sellable Headings

Nothing can catch the attention of your visitors better and faster than an interesting heading. In fact, the few seconds that the visitor spends scanning the headings of your website is the best time you can use to convert him into a customer or repeat visitor.

Including smart headings on your website can remarkably improve the readability of your content and also make it easy for visitors to look for specific information. In addition, including your important keywords in the headings will automatically make your site searchable on search engines while saving your small business enough money on SEO services.

Include Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the first thing your users see when the website gets ranked on search engines. Thus, it becomes imperative that you have a unique meta description with your important keywords for every page of your website.

Initiate Call To Action

For this, you need to identify sections in your website that can benefit from a call-to-action like download PDF, join newsletter, register to a committee, etc. It is extremely important that you align your call-to-action element with your other marketing elements and goals.

Incorporate Right Visuals

Visuals get processed way faster than texts and thus it is extremely important that you choose your visuals right. Crisp & crystal, high-quality, professional looking images can do wonders for your site and can better reach out to your target audience.

Include Testimonials

A good way to improve the trust and credibility of a small business is to include testimonials from existing clients, either on the home page or on different pages of your website.

In short, you do not necessarily need to spend thousands of dollars for improving the look, feel, reach or credibility of your website. Just a few simple and smart tricks can do this all for you and take your website to the top of SERP.

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