10 Effective Homepage Factors for Successful Marketing

10 Effective Homepage Factors for Successful Marketing

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Designing The Homepage

First impression is The Last Impression

The rule holds true even when designing a website. The homepage of a website is not just a platform for your landing customers but it also serves as a mirror for your website. Whenever a visitor lands on your website, there is maximum possibility for them to browse your homepage first.

Being the face of your website and in turn your company, you need to ensure that you have a homepage that can instantly catch the attention of visitors and compel them to dig through the inner pages. To help you with this, here are 10 effective factors that you can use for ensuring successful marketing of your website:

#1 Catchy Headlines

A great headline is one that can catch the attention of your visitors and convey your desired message instantly. Thus, it is important that your headline should necessarily be powerful yet to the point. Since it is not possible to give a gist of your website in one single headline, it is advisable to make use of sub-headlines to give more details about the services and products you offer.

#2 Effortless Navigation

Regardless of whether it is a first time visitor or a regular follower, every visitor expects to have an easy navigation. Thus, in order to make it easy for visitors to navigate across the various pages of your website, it is important to incorporate in your website text-based navigation menus and sufficient content for accommodating links to various pages.

#3 Call To Action

In order to make your visitor feel valued and appreciated, it is essential to include call to action on every page of your website, most importantly on your homepage.

#4 Quality Images

The best way to create interest and catch the attention of your visitors is to incorporate quality images on your website. Images are also a great way of building credibility for your site, allowing people to blindly trust you for desired products and services. A unique image can at times act as a reminder of your website for people.

#5 Social Media Share

Most leading companies today have embraced social media marketing as the most effective ways of online marketing. Considering the fact that most visitors today are engaged in some or the other form of social media platform, it is best to encourage your visitors to interact with you through social media channels. Be sure to place links to your social media platforms on prime locations on your homepage.

#6 Contact Us Information

The prime reason you need to create a website for your business is to help you reach out to people and generate leads. Thus, it is essential to strategically place your contact us information including phone number, email address and business address making it easy for people to reach you.

#7 Engaging Videos

Though the best way to catch the attention of your visitors is to incorporate quality images, yet another interesting way is to include engaging videos. A short and simple video that briefly explains the working of your website can be a great marketing asset for your website.

#8 Testimonials

For many people, the reviews of other people really matter when buying a product. In order to serve all such customers, it is important to feature client reviews and testimonials on your website. These testimonials also serve as trust factors for your customers, especially for the new customers.

#9 Add Blog

While your website acts as the face of your company and is great for wooing your customers to buy your services and products, the real content king is the blog. Thus, if you wish to provide more detailed information about your business, then adding a blog is the best way to do it.

#10 List Awards

Everyone likes to get associated with winning brands and companies because of the trust factor and recognition they carry along. Thus, regardless of how trivial an award you may have earned, it becomes imperative for you to feature all such received awards on your website.

Given the fact that it’s just a matter of few seconds before your visitor can go through your website and decide upon utilizing your services and products, it is essential to include all of these 10 important factors on your website. This will not just keep your website moving ahead on the rankings but will also keep your visitors right where you want them – on your website!!!

Colours Can Do The Magic – Choose The Right Colours For Your Brand

Why You Need to Choose The Right Colors For Your Brand?

How To Select Brand Colours

Choosing Right Colours For Your Brand

It has been found that colours can significantly influence human emotions as well as their ability to associate with a particular thing. In fact, studies indicate that the buying decision of a customer towards an unfamiliar or new product is largely influenced by the brand’s colour. It’s not always important that few colours that attract us towards one thing would appeal us towards other things also. In short, the combination of colours that you choose for your brand and brand image can either make you or break you!

Regardless of whether you are choosing colours for your brand’s letterhead, logo or banner, you need to pick colours that can do the magic for you. At Miller Media, we greatly acknowledge and value this need and thus, our team of designers are skilled at choosing colour combinations that your audience is bound to love.

Most popular brands, especially ecommerce brands like eBay have been observed to choose a combination of colours. The only reason being that, such ecommerce portals require to cater to a variety of audiences, differing in age, sex, spending power, emotions and other such criteria. In order to ensure that the brand can pull in significant number of customers from all these sections, a multi-colour scheme looks like the best option.

Ever wondered why Red and White colour combination reminds you of the brand Coca-Cola or why every Yellow colour is a quick reminder of the famous McDonalds brand?

Many famous brands across the world attribute the proportion of their success to the colour scheme of their brand. The designers at Miller Media tend to associate colours with the best purpose they can serve and how closely they resemble the brand’s requirement.

For instance, Green colour is most commonly associated with nature and thus, brands that aim at promoting natural and organic products or ecological services can make significant use of the green colour. The green colour also goes well for health and wellness brands or for brands promoting therapeutic/medical products.

Black colour on the other hand signifies class and luxury. Thus, black is a commonly used colour for consultation and legal businesses. Given the sense of power and class that black colour portrays, it is also a good choice for sleek sexy things like shoes and clothing.

Thus, regardless of how powerful your marketing slogan is or how cool is your brand logo, if paired with the wrong combination of colours, your brand runs the risk of getting less or not noticed at all.

Remember that at the end of the day what really matters is the colours of your brand, logo, website and other marketing factors. The colour scheme of these brand identifiers is what will pull people to you and be a constant reminder of your brand for them!!!

Best Marketing Strategies For Ecommerce Websites

6 Best Marketing Strategies For Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

Strategies For Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce marketing is not as hard as it may seem to most. With the ecommerce world evolving each passing day, the techniques of ecommerce marketing have also evolved and are getting better each day.

Here are some effective Ecommerce Marketing Strategies that are bound to bear results:

Optimize On-Site SEO

When making efforts to market your ecommerce website, you first need to ensure that you are trying to rank for the right terms. For this, it is extremely important that you do a thorough keyword research to get a clear understanding of the terms or search query that people are using to search for your services or products. Next you need to optimize your on-page content and internal links to match these top searched terms. Such keyword research and on-page optimization can yield long-term results and boost your site’s organic traffic as well as authority.

Develop Articles for Various Sites

This technique involves approaching individual sites and offering them with a unique article on some topic that you specialize in. You can choose to opt for sites that have a significant PageRank link juice so that you can benefit by adding a couple of your own site’s link in your submitted article. This way the site can get unique content to impress its visitors and you can earn some good amount of traffic.

Offer Products For Review

When you offer your products for review, you pave the way for some information-rich content with enough natural backlinks to be created for your products. Though a costly marketing strategy, you can easily earn long-term benefits on your SEO and sales if your products get reviewed positively.

Guest Post On Blogs

It’s a fact that bloggers are most often looking for high quality and original content. This particular marketing strategy involves convincing the blogger that you have a valuable piece of content to contribute to his/her blog.

Ask Manufacturer For Links

Several manufacturer websites have a “Retailers” or “Where To Buy” section and all you need to do is to request the manufacturer to get you listed in this section. In order to ensure that the manufacturer gets convinced to list you, it’s better to first have a few testimonials on your site to develop authority and gain confidence of the manufacturer.

Generate Email Marketing List

It’s always easier and better to convince your existing customers to buy your products and services than convince new prospects to buy. Thus, if you can generate a reliable list of buyer addresses, you can expect to boost your sales simply with the push of a button.